Zimco Aluminum Company
A division of the Zimco Group (PTY) LTD

Pellets and Deoxidants

  • Zimalco manufacture a comprehensive range of deoxidants in differing forms ranging from small pea sized pellets up to 2kg to 20kg ingots
  • These deoxidants are produced in both high purity and secondary aluminium grades
High purity grade pellets
  • High purity products up to 99.5% aluminium are used in the chemical and ferro alloy industries, the principle use being in the production of water treatment (flocculent) chemicals
Secondary grade pellets and ignots
  • The various forms of pellets, bars, ingot and nuggets are used for both the removal of oxygen during steel making and also for treatment of the slag
  • The deoxidants can be supplied in dry pea size pellet form, 3mm – 12mm diameter or in ingot form in weights ranging from +/-2kg up to +/-20kg in purities ranging from 94% aluminium to 99% aluminium)