Zimco Aluminum Company
A division of the Zimco Group (PTY) LTD

Foundry Alloys

High Grade and Primary Alloys

  • Low iron, silicon and zero/low copper bearing alloys
  • Used for low pressure, gravity AND investment casting
Common alloys used in
South Africa
  • LM0, LM6, LM9, LM20, LM25, GAlSi12Cu, GAlSi9Mg, Si13, A356.2, A357.2
Foundry finished products
  • Automotive wheels & brake components
  • Compressor cylinders and military components
  • High tension distribution hardware
  • Lighting, garden furniture and decorative filigree
  • Components requiring good corrosion resistance

Commercial Grade Alloys

  • Normally alloys bearing silicon, copper and iron
  • Used for low and high pressure die casting applications
Common alloys used in
South Africa
  • LM2, LM4, LM24, LM27, GAlSi9Cu3, D12S
Foundry finished products
  • Automotive cylinder heads and automotive components
  • White goods and computer components
  • General engineering parts
  • Hardware components