Zimco Aluminum Company
A division of the Zimco Group (PTY) LTD


99% and 99.5% aluminium powder
  • Fraction sizes are blended to customer specific requirements ranging between - 75 micron to +1000 micron
Common uses
  • Manufacture of water treatment chemicals
  • Manufacture of compressed briquette & master alloy tablets
  • Exothermic welding
  • Exothermic reduction of oxides to ferrous alloys
  • Military propellants & explosives
  • Chemical reagents

96% min aluminium powder
  • Fraction sizes are blended and can be coated to customer requirements
Common uses
  • Commercial emulsion explosives
  • Water gel and bulk explosives
  • Resin fillers and heat sinks
  • Friction materials
  • Chemical reagents
  • Pyrotechnics